O Ecotextiles

Petroleum-based synthetics.  Do you know what that is?   A typical ingredient found in most home textiles…the ones we sleep on.  Sit on.  Let our kids play on.  But they are durable so that’s good, right?

Our first product post was an easy decision because they were the first company that convinced me not everything *eco* is greenwashing.  O Ecotextiles is a seattle-based company founded by 2 sisters (fun!) who were set on identifying a cradle-to-cradle process for creating no impact, non-toxic, luxurious textiles based on science and ethics.  Better yet, their fabrics are made specifically for interior applications.

flax plant = linen fibers

As discussed on the O Ecotextiles website, processing textiles is one of the most chemically intensive activities on earth — and THE top industrial polluter of clean water.   Chemicals used to dye and finish fabrics are dissolved in wastewater that is expelled by the textile mills.  Where do you think that wastewater goes?   Right back into our ecosystem.

Think about your sofa.  It takes nearly 500 gallons of water to produce enough fabric just to cover it.  That water can also consist of 4-20 pounds of chemicals which can trigger all sorts of serious health problems as we inhale the off gassing, or absorb these chemicals through our skin.  Formaldehyde is often used to prevent creasing in cottons or wools.  Clippings from fabric mills are so loaded with dangerous chemicals that they are handled like toxic waste.


This stuff matters, it’s not a fad.  O Ecotextiles is a company providing us with information that will help us make more educated decisions.  So, how do they provide a healthy alternative?

beautiful colors without toxic chemicals

*They use renewable natural fibers such as flax (linen), hemp and bamboo that don’t need to be tampered with in order to provide durability.  Adding chemicals to fabrics only weakens the fibers in the long-term.

*They only use cotton that was grown by organic Peruvian farmers in a region with very high annual rainfall, so wasting water and depleting natural resources is avoided.

*They use biodegradable detergents, degreasers, surfactants and soaps only.

*All of the mills have wastewater treatment in place. Every 25 meters of an O Ecotextiles sofa fabric prevents 2,300 liters of chemically infused effluent from entering the environment.

*Their fabric finish is made of bee’s wax, aloe vera and Vitamin E… so soft.

*Most of their yarns are certified by Oeko Tex to Standard 100, the most stringent standard, meaning they are safe enough for infants to put in their mouths.

*Their dyes meet EU and Global Organic Textile Standards to be free of AZO colorants (a cancer causing toxin used in many dyes), and their dyestuffs, except for the blues, are completely biodegradable.  You can plant their fabric in your garden when your done with it.

*They are 100% against sweat shop labor.

tacoma in natural paired with our handmade felt flower & vintage button

We love them even more because they require no minimum yardage, have a variety of price points for budgets, and our orders have always been in stock so ship immediately.

Check out this video and their website.  We want to be your *friend.*  http://www.oecotextiles.com/wake-up-story.php

Holly Gagne

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