Giving thanks for my farm table.

Today Im really thankful for our farm table.  For the first year ever, we can actually host a Thanksgiving in our new home with our new table.  No one will be bumping the walls when they pull their chairs out, hitting their heads on artwork, and no heavy leaves to pull out of the basement.  Our last table was a beautiful heirloom, but if I even looked at it without a tablecloth it would scratch.

our farm table

A little history.  The farm table was one of the first furnishings in American farm houses, used primarily as worktables in the kitchen for baking, prepping, canning preserves or even washing a baby.  These tables were not made by skilled craftsmen, but by those who were going to use them.  Designed and built for the functions they were to serve.   The farm table is known for its long narrow proportions, created by running the wood boards across the entire length.  Perfect for sitting 8 of our closest friends and family.

our table in the barn @ Columbary House Antiques

We stumbled across our little gem in Cape Neddick, Maine this past July.  Columbary House Antiques is a quaint antique shop on 1A.  The barn behind the main house is open from May-October, and that’s where we found our table being used to display all sorts of other treasures.  How fun is it when you find something that you love immediately?  We learned from the shop owner that this table had been custom built for it’s previous owner.  It is made from reclaimed chestnut wood – full of worm holes, nail holes, cracks, and other imperfections.  The more imperfections, the more character…and the less we need to fuss about keeping it pristine with a toddler and cats that like to perch on it when we aren’t looking.  It requires no maintenance beyond your basic (non-toxic) household spray.

We are just a few hours away from sitting at the table to enjoy some amazing food – thanks to my husband, one of the best cooks I know.  We will laugh and chat with those we love.  Thanksgiving tasks us with relaxing and reflecting on the things that truly matter, and thinking about those who can’t be with us.   Friends, family, food, good thoughts and a comfortable home.

We hope you have a wonderful and special day with yours!


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