Sustainable living: live it.

I really truly love to design things, and I love that I can finally say that I love to do something. But with Christmas just a few days away, I’m taking a break from all this talk about things. The core of sustainable living is compassion, not things. It is a compassion for our loved ones, our acquaintances, and for those we don’t even know. But we need to recognize that we can’t take care of others without learning how to be compassionate with ourselves.

How many times do you make a wish or say a prayer for someone else? And how many times do you do this for yourself?

Give yourself a gift. Take time this holiday season to reflect on the past year, and think about what you want for yourself in the new. What truly makes you happy? fulfilled? confident?

A comfortable and healthy home can give you physical health, but emotional and mental health needs nurturing. By only you.

Never taking time for yourself is not sustainable living… live it. Go do something for yourself this holiday. I’ll be back to talk about tons of fun things for your home after I’ve done the same.

One of my closest friends, Amy, lost her Dad this year after many many years of watching him fight the good fight to stay close to his family. She stood up at his services and said the most amazing things with courage, humor, and unbelievable poise to honor his life. She made me realize my life could change tomorrow. XOXOXO. Im thinking of her this holiday and just finished rummaging through her pinterest account for inspirational quotes to share with you. Life is sweet, so eat it up.

Happiest of Holidays from our family to yours.


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