2012: The healthy balance.

Happy 2012 everyone!   It was a great holiday full of family, friends, presents, cheer, delicious food (lots), and all that fun stuff.   But I’m happy to be back…  need a little routine and a lot of adult time.   Having a 15 month old is hard work??   Teething, ear infections, tummy issues, the challenges of nap time… Elmo singing… again and again… Im exhausted!!   Love the little guy to pieces, but I’m glad to be in back to work mode, finally getting that “me” time I was talking about.  Even if I do still have Elmo’s World still stuck in my head, the cobwebs are starting to clear a bit.

So to that end, I decided there will be no resolutions for me this year.  I’ve never been good at setting them, but really not good at keeping them, or remembering them.  And then I just get bummed out.   Back to the kid thing…how do you stick with the “me” things when the most important thing in your life is someone else?  So instead of a resolution this year, it is a challenge.   How can I balance “me” with all the other really important things?  I think it is a process of listening to and trusting yourself.  As long as I can find the time to listen and the courage to trust, then I know I can make the right decisions and create balance.  I’m shedding the rigid expectations for myself, and I’m just going to give everything my all.  My definition of “all”?   To be defined by my state of mind at that time.   How do you like that for non-committal?  🙂

How do you make time to listen to yourself?  Our homes are a wonderful tool for our journeys of self exploration.  It should be the one place that is full of you and the things you love.  In your home you can give your body fuel, rest, health, beauty.  You can stimulate your senses in every way.  You can create your own comforts.  You can build new and strengthen old relationships.  You can play. You can have control.  Your home can provide you with mental, emotional, physical, and social health.  Whatever your day doesn’t provide you with, maybe your home can.

What does your home need this year?  Get started with some low hanging fruit.  Get rid of things you don’t need or use.  A cluttered home means a cluttered head.  It’s not about making your home perfect or sterile, it’s about getting organized so you can focus on the important stuff.  Here’s a blog (and new book) that might help get you started. http://unclutterer.com/

I am so looking forward to sharing lots and lots of ideas, inspirations, and “stuff” with all of you.  Happy 2012.



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4 responses to “2012: The healthy balance.

  1. Kelly

    Oh this post is great – it is everything we talked about when you were here – but you wrote it before you arrived and I read it afterwards. I definitely agree that a cluttered home is not a healthy home! Happy 2012! I hope Jack is feeling better and that you can get some more “me” time.

  2. Molly

    Thanks for reminding me about the low-hanging fruit. I tend to lament that I can’t afford the big changes that I want to see in my home (re-do bathroom, redo kitchen, lights, furniture!), but I’ve been staring at our clothes closet and marveling at the horrific use of space. I could clean and reorganize in an weekend afternoon with great results.
    (Of course, it’s not exactly ‘me’ time, but I take what I can get.)

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