Ok it’s been a few good days back to work here in 2012 and no calls from daycare (don’t jinx me!) Im almost feeling like a normal person again… Almost. I think I need just a few more moments of *ahhh* before I hit the ground really running fast this year with lots of fun new things to do.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by any home projects this year? Relax, it’s only 5 days into the New Year and I’m going to tell you what I do to take a small step forward. Grab a tea, coffee or wine (pending your resolutions). Spend some time looking through magazines or online for images that you feel a connection to – they don’t need a direct connection to your specific projects. Sometimes I start small like a piece of art, the color or pattern of a shirt, a light fixture, a flower arrangement, a piece of jewelry. Anything to get you more focused and less panicked. I promise it will help you feel a little more creative just identifying what you like. Eventually these small things can evolve into important sources of inspiration.

What to do with these images? I’ve become obsessed with Pinterest, an on-line scrapbook-type application where I can organize and save all images I love and photos I take in one place. No more tearing apart magazines and making an enormous pile of clutter that will haunt me until I throw it away, or stash it never to be found again. Not to mention there’s a community aspect as you start to follow others and others follow you. Whatever way you decide to organize your images, just make sure they don’t turn into the haunting pile.

So for today’s post I’m sharing some *ahhhh* spaces to help get my head straight, and maybe they will help yours too. Oh, and if you do have a little project that is totally overwhelming you – send us a picture and a story. We’ll do a blog post about it and help find some pics that might just finally kick your butt into gear!

Now for the the *ahhhh*….

I love everything about this bedroom. Clean, sparkly, fun, and bright.

Bright shower area connected to, but separate from, a more subdued bathing area.

This light fixture makes me so relaxed, is that weird?

Your own little private corner. Hmm. I don’t have any of these.

Because our kids need playful *ahhhh* too.

It’s the windows. And the colors. And the simplicity.

If my pantry was ever this organized I would have an*ahhhh* day everyday.

Swing inside when freezing outside!

This just says “I’m home.”




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3 responses to “*Ahhhh*

  1. Love this post Holly! I’ve been hearing about Pinterest everywhere lately, have to check it out. Best wishes for the new year, looking forward to your future blogs!

  2. Thanks so much Juli! Let me know if you need a Pinterest invite, and I can’t wait to read about all your fun happenings too!

  3. Kathy McManamy

    I love reading your writing! And that “baby step” advice is so true. I have already taken a few steps today, so thanks!

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