Emily + Tom: Office + Music Room

Hi everyone, fun news today. We have our first brave soul! Emily M has sent along some pics of a room that doubles as an office and music room looking for a dose of inspiration.

Who: First things first, we need to understand who will be using this space. Emily is an award-winnng photojournalist in VT. She seeks and documents moments through images and words. Cool! Tom, her husband, fills the space with great music…we are talking 2 keyboards, 2 basses, a banjo, and an amp. Really cool!

The Space: Let’s check it out. Furnishings are what you see, plus a black floating shelf.

The Goods: carpeting is great for acoustics/sound absorption, a large low window allows for natural daylight/views, and they can stow some unsightly clutter in that big closet.

Wish List: Emily wants a clean and functional space that will also be interactive for her photos. Perhaps a magnetic wall that allows her to easily organize and move them around. They have already selected Behr Clair de Lune 300E-3 for the wall color to warm things up. This color will create a nice contrast with the blacks.

So how can Emily and Tom get the hip, inspiring, clean, functional space that they should have to compliment their coolness? Here’s some thoughts.

Your life streams moments through words, images & music. Use your space to broadcast and inspire your talents. Your hands write, type, photograph, and play music. Great content for wall art. Concept words I might use: flexibility, manipulation, free form, spontaneous.

Walls: Can’t you just picture the two of them scrambling for pencils, paper, cameras, computers to jot down amazingly creative things that continually pop into their heads all day long? Create your own art installation that can continually change and evolve. Write on the walls?

Post its? *Google* post-it art…fun!

Also I love Emily’s idea of a magnetic wall.

Paint a magnetic primer, mount a magnetic board, or there are also these ideas…

clips mounted w/ small nails

mini clothes line

find them @Olive Manna.

hangers for larger photos


Furnishings: Ok so now when I look at your existing furnishings set up, it feels way too constrained for your coolness. Each piece is separated from the next, in a linear display around the perimeter of the room. In a small space it makes sense to have large furnishings against the wall, but the floor space at every wall is taken up, preventing any interaction with the walls. Use your vertical space to free up some of the floor real estate and mingle it with your art installation. Lose the low bookcase (if you can) and relocate it’s belongings (as much as you can) to the wall, especially items that are interesting for display. Hang guitars over a keyboard? Incorporate these items in an artistic way to create one large collage of your life. Here’s more inspiration.

hang guitars over keyboard

install floating shelf above desk; mingle shelf display with wall display

make your books shelves?

Lastly, pick a color you love. Make it a pop like that cute monkey picture is doing. Incorporate it into a few accessories – a side chair, a throw pillow for your desk chair, curtains for your window. That way you can add some energy while not drowning yourself in a color you will tire of.
Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow – a whole bunch of creative FEASIBLE ideas. Love it.

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