Sibel Alpaslan: I am born of clay.

It’s a cold rainy nasty day here in Rowley. Spent the morning at a construction site working through an electrical plan for a home renovation in downtown Newburyport, and then took a break to bring some beautiful pillows to another project in the North End. How fun to be at one project that is just beginning and then to another where I’m just sprinking some finishes touches. Speaking of finishing touches, I wanted to share the work of an amazing artisan right here in Newburyport.

I met Sibel Alpaslan at a craft show in early December – walked past her booth and did a total double take. The more and more I looked at her work, the deeper I fell in love with it. She has an amazing sense of color, texture, and form. She is super sweet and has a real passion for what she does. She recently relocated her designs from her own gallery in Turkey to our local area. She has an etsy store and you will find her at a few local shops as well as craft shows. Here’s a look at some items I purchased when she was here for my last open studio.

I just love the mix of colors on this bowl….how the reds pop. Feels so happy!

The rough texture on this plate and the imperfect form. The colors are of course my favorite blues.

I have an obsession with butterflys, especially blue ones!

Love this little plaque, reminds me of a peacock.

Here’s Sibel’s inspiring artist statement…

I am Turkish, I am a ceramic artist, and I am born of clay! I am from the ancient Anatolian lands that have been called home by Hittites, Ionians, Greeks, Romans, Selcuks, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Turks, to name a few. This is my cultural and artistic DNA, which was instilled in me during my undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Marmara in Istanbul. I think it is part of my artistic responsibility to draw from the previous generations and – through my hands, eyes, and heart – carry that wisdom and spirit into the future, which I did for over ten years in my ceramics gallery in Kusadasi, Turkey.
And now, America is my New World. As I mix my Turkish past with many new American influences, I love the new artistic recipe that I’ve created. In a way, I have become a sort of Turkish artistic ambassador to America.
I see many things, but my subjects select me. I especially feel a deep connection to nature. It moves through me, and I strive to express this feeling in my work. I love the organic feeling of clay, knowing that it comes from the earth. And just as nature constantly surprises and delights me, I often include small, whimsical surprises in my ceramics. After all these years, I still love to play with clay. I still love to shape the mud with love.
Pottery can be a beautiful and personal finishing touch for any space. It can provide an interesting form and a pop of color. Here’s a look at some spaces that use it well….

The pop of yellow, form of the vase, and pattern creates depth in this vignette but in a simplistic way. It would be much less dramatic without but it’s not overdone.

Neutral furnishings, flooring, walls embellished with pops of color in pillows and pottery of varying forms.

Molly Frey always does this well… neutrals with bright pops in accessories. Blues…love it!!

Another Molly Frey kitchen, so pretty.

So the next time you want to add a pop you know where to find an amazing potter who will work with you to do custom pieces. Thanks Sibel for sharing your story with us.


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  1. Love this…. I have always started with neutrals and then added pops of color with accessories. This article made me feel validated.

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