Music + Work = ☺

Remember this  room?

Emily & Tom's Music/Office Room

Well it got itself a nice little makeover thanks to some serious efforts by Emily & Tom.  Check it!!

I LOVE the red here.  The rest of their home incorporates pops of red in dishware, kitchen gadgets, and art so they painted this old shelf and followed that up with some great accessories to create some fantastic vignettes all over the room.

Emily’s photos… and a banjo.  and a clarinet.  and a guitar.  and a bass.

Art, photos, music.

Books, memories, accessories.

Even the layout is jiving.  The furnishings stayed, but completely re-arranging them freed up some prime real estate to give a total transformation.

Doesn’t it feel so much bigger?  Loving the keyboard backed up to the desk, no more staring at the wall.  And instruments mixed in with wall displays.  The music and the work mingle.  The musician and the writer interact.  Makes things a whole lot more fun, right?

And then there is the magical magnetic painted wall.  Emily printed her iPhone instagrams from the past year – a perfect installation for an ever-changing display.  One word of caution.  This stuff is pretty potent.  I had the same experience when I painted my studio table in a whiteboard paint, even though it was Greenguard certified the odor was intense.  Make sure you go with low VOC, have some serious ventilation going on, and wear a face mask!

This room is all about interactions now… the walls, the furnishings, the instruments, the people… lots of warm energy.  To top it off, the majority of what’s in there is re-purposed or items they already owned.  Super budget friendly but pretty major facelift.  Job well done.  Agree?

See now, it’s not that hard.   Send us your pictures.  Pronto!  Stop procrastinating!


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