nook [nʊk]

It’s Friday and I’m headed to Maine, yippeeeeee! I love my barn and cow neighbors, but there’s just something about Maine that encourages me to truly unwind. The lack of wireless signals probably has a lot to do with it. But the variety of rocky coasts, lakes, mountains, forests and of course, antique shops, just makes me happy.

We all need a little retreat from time to time. When our heads are too cluttered and we are rushing here there and everywhere it’s hard to quiet the mind. Without that quiet we can’t fully process our thoughts. That’s why we all need a nook in our homes.

nook [nʊk]

1. a corner or narrow recess, as in a room
2. a secluded or sheltered place; retreat

Nothing fancy, any little space that offers tranquility, quiet, and comfort will do. Here are some images to inspire and ponder for the weekend.

Having your nook in the living room might not always offer quiet seclusion, but having it recessed into that wall gives it a sense of retreat.  And like being all wrapped up.  Love these ottomans and the rug.

Again the built in seat wrapped in walls, but also next to a fire.  Nice.

A nook surrounded in books and elevated from the living space.  Love the skylight over the chair, get yourself some vitamin D at the same time.

A great window =  great nook potential.  Even if it is in the middle of the staircase.  Love how the flooring defines the space.  I’d swap that chair for some great floor cushions and pillows.

Speaking of walls to wrap you up, pillows and great windows.
Make your own bed swing?
Or a cute teepee so your kids can have a cozy, but fun, nook?
A funky way to deal with a dormer or sloped roof.  Love how everything is resting on the floor.
A soaking tub + comfy chair.
And then there is just the good old corner on the floor with cushions, piles of books, a reading lamp. Not too shabby.  Speaking of shabby that fur thing is wicked cute.  Hey, Im off to Maine… Im allowed to say wicked.
Where is your nook?

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