Vintage Romance

Happy ♥ Day!  Here we are on this romantic…er…Tuesday.  It’s a day to give little tokens of affection to the people we love.  Some of you will be celebrating with a nice romantic dinner out {jealous}, some will be getting together to celebrate special friendships {jealous}, some will be enjoying family time at home {hopefully with a yummy dinner}, and some will be excited for today to be over quickly {hang in there}.  Whatever your plans, and whomever you are spending your time with, today is about relationships.  Our homes play a role in our relationships, and can even stir up some romance.

Dear Nicole banner@ Etsy

New Orleans completely exudes romance to me.  We find our way there atleast once a year to get our fix.  The architecture, design, music, food, people… its that wonderful mix of old world with french, vintage, and urban.  My favorite design element is their ceiling heights, which means very tall windows and very tall doors {jealous}.  My second favorite are the amazing romantic details you will find all over their architecture.  Look at these gorgeous scroll corbels and red shutters. ♥

Romantic design uses colors, textures, patterns, furnishings, and lighting.  I love the mix of modern and old world elements to create interiors that are both luxurious and comfortable.  How can a space be romantic if it is not comfortable?  Here are a few spaces that make me want to cozy up.

A great example of mixing design elements.  You’ve got the formal wall paneling, embellished fireplace, and high ceilings mixed with comfy modern seating and a furry rug that I want to snuggle with.  That chandelier seals the romance for me. ♥

A romantic piece of furniture.  The mix of a victorian style bed frame with modern tapered luxurious bedding.  I love it when bedding isn’t smothered in frills so you can just enjoy the simplicity of comfort.  Oh, and how about that low hanging chandelier?  ♥

Here’s a similar concept mixing old world shapes and modern textures. ♥

The wingback chair dates back to the 1700s when they were typically placed next to a fire.  The design intention was to prevent drafts from reaching the person sitting in the chair, as well as enclosing them in warmth from the fire.   The concept translates well to the wingback bed, which is perfect for creating a cozy nook.  Paired here with a modern romantic cascading chandelier. ♥

And then there is romance through color.  Red is the most emotionally intense and passionate color.  It instantly brings energy to any space.  Because of the emotion and energy that red can bring to a space, I love it as an accent.  That way it will draw your eye through a space and create depth, but not completely dominate it.

This is so New Orleans.  The vintage louvered doors , tall window, casually draped curtain.  And the tufted velvet club chair creates some romantic drama. ♥

How about this for romantic drama?  An enormous red wingback love seat. ♥

A pink tufted victorian style sofa and glam chandelier begin to set the stage. Pink exudes passion, but typically in a more tranquil way.

And one of my favorites… a red modern flower chair.  I’m in love.  ♥

So today I’m pretty excited that the previous owners of our barn left behind a comfy red velvet down filled queen anne couch.  It has some flaws, but I love that.  We will be drinking a glass of red wine and toasting our budget vintage loving romance tonight {don’t look too close at the cat hairs}.




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