Wrapping up on Christmas Eve

Well, Christmas Eve is upon us and I’ve done it again.  The challenge of a mom who spent these last weeks/days finishing up work projects so I can get some much needed shut down time over the holidays.   All I want to do now that I’m officially on holiday is decorate Santa cookies, watch Christmas Vacation, snuggle my munchkin, and put my feet up!   But I have soooo many gifts to wrap…and yes I did just finish up my shopping about 30 minutes ago (hey, at least I finished right?)  Wrapping will have to wait until a certain few someones go to bed.

Here are a few simple ways to make the wrapping quick and simple, yet stylish and personal. *note: a tasty drink (or two helps).

Brown butcher paper is amazing. The rolls are huge and economical, which are great for big gifts and MANY gifts. Too late in the night to run out for butcher paper? Try brown paper bags, wax paper, parchment paper or newspaper. Use bakers twine, twine, yarn or rubber bands for ribbon. Run out in the yard and grab some greens, add a photo, old buttons, feathers, or handwritten tags. Done.
Here are a few images found on Pinterest to get you started:


image image image image image image image

Tasty drink is a must. Try this:


Happy wrapping!   Don’t stress, be merry and enjoy every magical moment of the holiday.


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