Why e-design?
Are you a total DIY’er but have a hard time developing a design vision?  Do you get overwhelmed by all of the details and options?  Do you love the “hunt” but always feel like you make bad purchases?  Do you obsess over HGTV? If yes then we think eDesign is the perfect solution for you. We can help you achieve a professional design for your space no matter where you are located, at your own speed, on any budget, and from the comfort of your home.

sample design boards

To view more examples of design boards, click here to view our Pinterest board.

For a complete space design we will provide you with PDF design boards via email, to include:

1. Mood board.  See how you can pull everything together with furnishings, textiles, lighting, accessories, and color.

2. Scaled floor/furniture plan.  An absolute necessity for determining what size furnishings you need.  One revision is included in our design package.

3. 3D rendering.  Experience the design before you purchase any items.

4. Shopping list.  We will provide sources for where to source any furnishings/items/materials we recommend for your design, as well as general pricing info.  Two re-selections are included in our design package.  We will also provide ideas for repurposing or fixing up your existing items.

When applicable, we will also include instructions for any DIY projects we have proposed.

What is the cost?
Our eDesign package is $495 for one space.  If you are interested in having us design more than one space, email us for discounted pricing.   You will get a design that is easy, professional, and within your project budget.  All you will need to do at the end of this process is purchase the items we have specified and give the plans to your contractor, or DIY.

Please note that if we are designing a kitchen or bathroom, our design scope will be focused on  space planning (general layout for cabinetry/appliances/ fixtures), finishes, and furnishings.  If you would like additional specifications such as cabinetry types/sizes or brand appliances, we can provide these services at an additional cost.  Please contact us for more information.

Need Architectural Assistance?
We team with licensed architects who can assist you in developing plans through our eDesign program for projects that may include structural modifications or new additions.  Please contact us for more information on these services.

More Questions?
See our  FAQs.

Get Started.
After you have paid via the Pay Pal button below, we will email you a 2-page questionnaire that covers the information that we discuss during our site consultations.  You will answer questions about your project budget, timeline, likes/dislikes, lifestyle, existing space, existing items, storage, and more.  You will also receive detailed instructions for how to measure and photograph your space.  You will essentially play the designer role for this part of the process, and we think you will find it to be informative and enjoyable.  Do you know how to measure a window?  Or how to label electrical outlets on a floor plan?

We also ask that you send us some images that help convey your style.  You can create a board on Pinterest or just email us your images.  We have pinned lots of images on our boards to get you started.  Finding an image of a style or space you love is one of the most important steps in this process.


You are likely to experience relief and excitement as you take the next step to transforming your space.  Grab your spouse, a roommate, a friend, a family member and have some fun!

Once we receive your payment we will send you a questionnaire with additional information within 2 business days.

If at any point in the process you have questions or concerns, or just want to talk, feel free to contact us by email holly@hollygagne.com.


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