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Interlam Architectural Wall Panels

It happens every time I swing into my favorite Design Center showroom, EcoModern Design.  I always find something new and cool, and get totally sidetracked from what I went in there for.  I most certainly was not on the hunt for this pineapple wall panel… but how could I resist?  And where can I put it??

Interlam Valchromat Pineapple Wall Panel

Interlam is a designer and manufacturer of high-end sculpted and carved wall panels, specializing in innovative architectural / design product.  Interlam’s newest line of decorative architectural carved wall panels is called “ELEMENTS”. Each design is inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s  simple twentieth-Century architectural style and his use of the aphorism “Less is more.”

Elements retro

The wall panels are homogeneously coloured (color is throughout) or plain panels of HDF (high density fiberboard) whose surfaces have been carved or sculpted into dramatic organic forms with CNC routers. The panels are manufactured from 100% recycled/recovered wood chips dried to appropriate average moisture content of 4-6%.

Elements v-hatch

Elements is available in 22 unique patterns, with a variety of finish options which you can find here. Interlam also has several other lines including Art Diffusion and Screens, which allow you to have fun playing with layers of texture, color, and dimension.  Think of the possibilities!

HSPVT Screen with brushed aluminum overlay.

Art Diffusion panels + screen

The decorative panels and screens make fantastic feature walls and are complemented nicely with linear grazing light sources, positioned just a few inches off the surface.

Art Diffusion panels

How fun is this one with all the funky shadows?

Whether it be in your master bathroom, dining room or living room, a textured wall is a great way to add a modern touch to your space, and create a major wow factor focal point.  An alternative to tile, paint, or wallpaper especially if you have imperfections.

dining room

a dramatic dining room

funky living room

But back to the pineapple.  This one is actually made from a material called Valchromat, whose fibres are colored individually, impregnated with organic dyes and chemically bonded together by a special resin to provide:

  • moisture resistance
  • greater internal cohesion and, therefore, higher mechanical strength – it is on average 30% stronger than standard MDF
  • colored throughout, so repairs are easy
  • non-toxic
  • greater resistance to bending
  • requires less effort to finish
  • FSC mixed credit certified

Check out the manufacturing process here.

Valchromat is produced in different colours, sizes and thicknesses that allow its use in different applications such as furniture, wall cladding, partitioning, flooring, doors, bathrooms, kitchens, shopfitting, decorative panels, and acoustic panels.

Valchromat is produced in Portugal, in Famalicão da Nazaré, by a factory called Valbopan, SA so unfortunately it is not a made in the USA.   However their wood is sourced from forest waste, residue from timber mills and recycled pine. The manufacturing process is very environmentally friendly with full waste recycling, no toxic fumes, no waste water, and zero carbon emissions. Total bonus when a great product is also responsible.

Check out the beautiful routed designs done by their South Africa distributor here.

General Info:

The Interlam architectural panels can be installed with Z-Clips or direct screw attachment on thick panels;  liquid Nails or “PL” Premium Polyurethane on structurally sound surfaces.

All panels must be sealed or back primed before installation. The specific finish depends on ordering options and includes lacquer or latex finish and or membrane pressed vinyl on the face and all edges. It is important to note that sealing the back is imperative to reduce the possibility of excessive bowing and warping.

————————————————————————————————————————————         SUSTAINABLE FEATURES OF THIS PRODUCT:



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