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CorkDotz by Modwalls

CorkDotz Penny Tiles by Modwalls are made of end cuts of cork stopper production in California.  An industrial by-product that otherwise would be thrown away.   Cork is a natural and renewable material that comes from the bark of an oak tree known as Quercus Suber – an evergreen that grows in areas bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

As a raw material, cork provides attributes that are great for the home including that it is extremely durable, water resistant, anti-microbial, slip-resistant, fire-resistant, easy to maintain, and provides great thermal and acoustic insulation. Meaning it would work well in pretty much any space of your home.

A material that will add warmth, texture, resiliency, and a little nature.  Great!

CorkDotz are a by-product of the wine stopper industry.

Modwalls is an online tile company, founded in 2005, whose goal was to design and stock modern tile products.  Their products are available for immediately delivery via their online website.  CorkDotz was recently featured in Do It Yourself Magazine by Better Homes and Gardens.

CorkDotz tile installation featured on the Modwalls blog

What do you need to know about installation/maintenance?

On a dry floor you should use a stronger adhesive, like a mastic.  On a wet floor you should use a modified latex thin set for adhesion, and finish with a sanded grout and minwax or other low VOC sealer for enhanced water resistance.

As with any wood product you should remove the tile from its packaging and let it acclimate to the room you are installing it in for a minimum of 48 hours before installation.  CorkDotz is sold by the square foot and comes in double sheets measuring 11.5 x 23.  Maintain your cork floor using a vacuum and/or damp mop with a mild wood floor cleaner or a solution of one part white vinegar and four parts water.

We think CorkDotz would be a perfect mud room floor and hope we get to install it in a project soon!

CorkDotz paired with a limestone tile and colorful fabric.

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