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Boho Chic, et cetera

Its been almost 9 months since my last post… I nearly forgot how to log into this wordpress thing.  Ive missed blogging like crazy, but when you’ve got too many good things on your plate something has gotta give, right?   It drives me crazy that I cant find the time to do everything that I want to do.  My head floods with new ideas the second it stops thinking about project deadlines.  Why do I have to hire other people to make things, cant I just make it all?  Nevermind the not so fabulous business “stuff” {oy, headache}.  There is also the crazy toddler + husband + several small animals + loads of family and friends who I want to see all of the time.   I sure am still learning how the heck to do all of this..tips??  Until I figure it all out, thanks to my clients who know to expect me 15 minutes late, the daycare that hasnt banned me {late pick ups… forgotten items}, and my facebook-blogging friends who haven’t unliked me.  Im feeling 2013… think its going to be a great year.  There is some good karma in the air.


What have I been up to?  Working on some pretty special projects and dealing with a year of living in limbo;  in December we finally became owners of the home {barn} and studio of my dreams.  I won’t hold it against her that she bust a pipe this weekend while I was flying solo in a blizzard.  She brings a lifetime of projects, but that’s why I love her.  Also a few months ago I teamed up with a new retail boutique shop in downtown Newburyport in their quest to bring fresh budget-minded responsible home decor to the area.  Ivy Lane is a home for an eclectic mix of local dealers, each who bring special creative talents and varied styles {think mid-century modern to vintage chic}.  Most items have been upcycled and re-purposed; I have always thought its a designer’s responsibility to figure out how to balance re-using great quality pieces rather than always making new things.  So I have a little in-house design studio set up for in-store consults, and retail anything textile from pillows & table linens to slipcovers & window treatments.

For 2013, the owners of Ivy Lane have decided to showcase a design theme each month so that we keep the new inventory flowing, and February is Boho Chic.  Oh how I love you so very much.  If ever there were a style to describe my personal style, most would agree this is it.  So I decided this was a perfect first revival of the blog.

boho definition

I promise Im not a gypsy, but you will probably find me wandering looking for something I left behind.

What is Boho Chic?  Just as it sounds… an elegant hippie.  I used to get bothered when people used the word “hippie” to describe my style.  Im not walking around making a peace sign with dreds.  I love to shower and I grew up with an obsession that all of my clothes needed to be ironed including my jeans {my college friends are shaking their heads right now}.  The word hippie derives from hipster, and Im cool with that.  Boho Chic is a style said to have been brought forward in the early 2000s by hipster chicks like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson.  Think marriage of a 60s hippie with a global bohemian.  It’s a relaxed style that flatters and absolutely requires fabulous embellishments… beads, fringe, feathers, furs, Im drooling.  Do you love Anthropologie and Free People?  Well then you are probably drooling too.

zara copy

I, of course, think this style translates perfectly to the home.  Its all about infusing some personality, some depth, some playfulness but in a relaxed and comfortable manner.  Its not grungy and its not frilly, in any way.  It’s global.  It’s eclectic.  It’s filled with good energy.  It’s also challenging to mix so many elements and balance the doing it enough with the not overdoing it.

Start with a neutral base that is fitted while flattering.  A dark or light neutral does not matter, just think about the overall feel you are going for.  Then embellish like crazy.  Mix mix mix.  Patterns, textures, colors… the more mixing less matching you do, the better.  Take these spaces as examples, note how absolutely nothing matches yet it all looks cohesive and beautiful together.


Just love that blue whimsical headboard against the slate colored wall.


And these funky pillows against the tailored navy blue settee.




layered rugs


so many pattern mixes but the color tones stay consistent

You feeling the energy?

If you are a little scared of bombing your home with color, then take it slow.  I love the simplicity of texture through pattern in monochromatic color tones, and incorporating just a few elements that carry the boho vibe like the textiles here.

crochet fringe


curtains 2

elegant hippie?

If you head over to Ivy Lane you will see some fun new stuff from me, like my recent “table rug” obsession. So many people are gravitating towards wood farmhouse-rustic wood type tables that require less maintenance, and less tablecloths.  Its nice to have a small textile to soften it up, ground a table scape, or bring in a little color.  How about this for color – chenille fabric with a fabulous vintage turquoise fringe?


And a look at some new fun boho chic pillows with lots of fringe, of course, so you can get your hipster on.

photo (1)

Go hunt the fabulous pillow that is boasting this fringe….

photo (2)

Apologies for the iphone pics, I was wandering around looking for my camera and gave up.  Be on the lookout for more new designs to come!  Never stop creating, right?

Peace.  😉


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