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What do you do when you want the look and feel of real wood, but can’t afford – or don’t want to deal with – the solid kind?  You put some Treefrog on.

Treefrog Veneer, that is.

Do you love exotic woods but the price tag, especially the shipping tag, makes you run screaming?  Do you have cabinetry that could use a modern facelift because we are way beyond the 80s now?  Do you prefer surfaces that aren’t filled with natural imperfections?  Then you gotta check this stuff out.

What’s the story?

It’s real wood.  And 5 of their most popular veneers are real – FSC certified – wood.  Meaning the wood comes from forests that are regulated by strict environmental, social, and economical standards as certified by a 3rd party. They use common and fast growing species like poplar and turn it into exotic responsible look-alikes.

It’s HPL-backed, meaning you can install it like any other laminate.  Check with your supplier for recommended adhesives.

It’s pre-finished, so no worrying about how it will really look when all is said and done.  It’s free of imperfections, so no unnecessary waste or planning due to the condition of a slab.  Don’t get me wrong, imperfections can be beautiful!  But sometimes they aren’t the right look especially for cabinetry, and they can make installation a nightmare.  All depends what you are going for.

The dyes are water-based, so no sketchy chemicals to concern your health with.

Here are some fancy installations.

black macassar

walnut crown

black oak

Our color pick is they Grey Oak Groove paired with a clean white solid surface and pop of color.  

grey oak groove paired with ModDotz glazed porcelain tiles in pistachio

How about on cabs like this?  Gorgeousness.

Oh but this one is sooooooo fun too!

coffee bubinga burl

Pick out one you love here.

See…. I do love imperfections…

I won’t bore you with the process of how veneers are made, but it’s pretty cool.  You can read more here.

Sheet sizes are 4’x8′.  Recommended installations are vertical surfaces and horizontal surfaces that will get lighter wear.  Typical substrates are plywood, MDF, particleboard, sheetrock, and rigid plastics.

Clean with a soft cloth using mild soap and water or non-abrasive glass and wood cleaning products. Wipe up any spills immediately.

Got anything you want to put a Treefrog on?


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